Valmor d.o.o. After Sale Services

As part of its activities, Valmor d.o.o. provides a wide range of comprehensive after-sales services that ensure the optimum utilization of the operation of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and your equipment (hereinafter: HVAC equipment.)

ServiceStatistics show that the service life, utilization rate of operation and lower operating costs of HVAC equipment are directly linked to the maintenance method. This is why the Valmor d.o.o. after-sale services focus on regular maintenance checks and preventive maintenance, which makes it possible to detect potential causes of defects or poorer system operation before the error actually occurs and enables the most cost effective device operation.

Valmor d.o.o. is an authorized representative for servicing the equipment of the suppliers Trane, Refrion, Munters, Minb and the automation of Distech Controls and Calmac energy storage units.

The fastest way to achieve the desired technical and economic results is to enter into a maintenance contract. By concluding a maintenance contract, all concerns relating to ordering the regular periodical servicing and maintenance of devices are taken over by Valmor d.o.o. in accordance with the regulations and manufacturer recommendations. Depending on the requests, needs and wishes of the users, we provide three different maintenance contracts with varying extent of after-sales services.

If a defect should occur nonetheless, we provide quality and professional servicing with original spare parts that can be delivered in the shortest possible time from the central European warehouses of our suppliers.

Because we are aware that only excellence and knowledge count, all our servicing personnel are professionally trained and educated in the programmes of the manufacturers we represent.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance:

  1. longer service life
  2. llow operating costs
  3. increased energy efficiency of the system
  4. faster response - clients that have signed a maintenance contract have priority!
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