About us

 Valmor d.o.o. started its activities in their present form in 2001. Its vision of becoming a partner for air handling systems was upgraded and has evolved in the years since into three basic directions:
  • to use knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive environmentally- and user-friendly solution for air conditioning
  • to demonstrate excellent business relationships with suppliers by ensuring the fast and high-quality supply of equipment, materials and services that is satisfactory to the client
  • to ensure a long service life of devices and systems by providing professional and quality servicing, to maintain the energy efficiency of the devices and if necessary update them with new solutions from the manufacturers in order to enable low energy consumption and environmentally-friendly operation

Years of cooperation with our suppliers who, each in their area of activity, are in step with time with the innovative development of products that are at the top globally in terms of technical perfection, years of proven solutions and setting the criteria for the competition.

The 100 years of history of the TRANE manufacturer, the innovation and uniqueness of the VRF system manufacturer PANASONIC, the adaptability, accuracy and perfection of the GOHL cooling tower manufacturer and, last but not least, the tradition, renowned reliability and simplicity of the CALMAC ice bank and ice rink manufacturer are a reliable foundation for good solutions, satisfied users and lasting and environmentally-friendly technology. Past successes, the expansion into new markets (Valmor INT d.o.o.e.l., Republic of Macedonia since 2008) and the satisfaction of our customers and users of equipment and systems are the result of the last decade of work and a framework for a successful new decade for Valmor d.o.o.

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